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Create or access print versions of OER

Open educational resources can be distributed in a wide variety of formats. There are many valid reasons for students, including those with disabilities, to want the choice of accessing materials in both in electronic and print formats. Printed materials cost money, but are usually much lower-cost than traditional publisher materials.

Some open textbooks make ordering print copies easy. OpenStax is one example of an open textbook publisher that has options for individuals to order single copies, or for bookstore managers to order multiples to stock the shelves. OpenStax print books can also be customized so that only the chapters used during the term are included in the print version.

If the content creator doesn’t supply a print option, you or your campus store can create a print version of the resource because of the advance permissions given by the open license. Students can also individually print part or all of the course materials.

Make sure the item you want to print is formatted so that the end product will be user-friendly. This reduces cognitive load and enables students to focus on the course content.

Non-Commercial Licenses

Some Creative Commons licenses do not permit reuse for commercial purposes (abbreviated as “NC”). Open educational resources with NC licences can be printed and sold at standard markup by the bookstore.